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Highly Educated offers intelligence data and tools for brand managers and security experts who wish to monitor unregistered domain names related to their organization and quickly take action when a threat is detected.

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Highly Educated makes it easy to monitor unregistered domain names

Brand Protection and Domain Security

While the vast majority of DNS queries are successful, millions of queries each and every day, are returned with non-existing domain (NXD) errors. Monitoring misspells of brands that return NXD errors allows brand managers and security experts to have an early warning system. They can monitor four crucial areas:

Brand Protection

Knock-off sites selling counterfeit items, malware sites and phishing sites are just a few of the many examples where users are tricked into thinking they are engaging with established brands.

With Highly Educated, brand managers can monitor and be alerted when visitors are trying to access a misspelling of one of their brands so they can secure those domains before a bad actor gets to them first.

KDGAs and Botnets

Highly Educated offers data and tools for law enforcement and security professionals to assist and tracking down 'Domain Generation Algorithms' (DGAs) which are used by botnets to avoid detection.

Domain Protection

We help organizations secure the common misspellings of their domains before criminals can register them and deploy them in malware campaigns.

Domain Name Error Monitoring

We help security experts monitor authoritative name server problems for unexpected errors.

Our people, our methods and our technology are our competitive advantage.

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